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Eat Surf Live – no ordinary Cornwall travel guide [Interview]

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Today we would like to introduce you to a special book project.Eat Surf Live – no ordinary Cornwall travel guide [Interview].

Eat Surf Live is a “travel book” (as the authors Katharina and Vera call it) about Cornwall, a county in the south of England.
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just read our interview with Katharina Maria Zimmermann …

Hello dear Katharina, first of all thank you very much for taking some time for us. Probably for you (you and Vera Bachernegg) every minute is worth gold, since you are currently in the final phase of your book project Eat Surf Live.
Would you like to briefly introduce the authors, i.e. you and Vera Bachernegg?

Katharina: We got to know each other at university, where we jointly pushed the bank for Grazer Anglistik. When we finished this chapter, we wanted to go on a trip to England together – in the end we were in Cornwall for four days + we fell head over heels in love with the country and the people. At some point the idea for Eat Surf Live was born. We don’t know exactly when, but that there will be two trips afterwards with lots of great experiences.

What can you expect from “Eat Surf Live”?

Katharina: Eat Surf Live is not your traditional southern England travel guide. We deliberately named it a Cornwall “travel book” . The book comes in a practical insert format and has many colorful pages on a wide variety of topics. Whether you come to Cornwall to eat, exercise, take photos or shop, Eat Surf Live has tips ready. Of course, we also paid attention to sustainability, as we’ve both been writing for Nomad Earth for a long time and when traveling we always make sure to consume regional products and also get to know the nature in the travel destination better. There is also a lot of jokes, great photos and some delicious recipes in the book.

Why Cornwall? What is so special about this part of England?

Katharina: Cornwall can do something! We were surprised ourselves, but at the most south-westerly point of England you can really enjoy yourself. We’ve been around the world a lot, but Cornwall, with its miles of beaches, cliffs, cottages, surfers and absolutely fantastic food, really impressed us from the start.

When exactly did you have the idea to make a book out of your experiences and why a book and not a blog or something similar?

Katharina: We don’t know when we got the idea. It was probably after our first Cornwall trip when we started to miss everything there. (And that after only four days in St. Ives!) A book is simply a wonderfully finished product that for me still comes with me when traveling, even in the age of ebooks. Because when I’m sitting on Perranporth Beach, as a traveler, I usually don’t have the Internet at hand, but I can reach into my backpack and pull out Eat Surf Live to read. We also love books! But don’t worry: Eat Surf Live is also available for iPad and Kindle.

You collected the money for the printing costs via the crowdfunding platform Startnext. How many sponsors did you finally win for your project and did it go as you imagined?

Katharina: In the end there were 135 supporters on Startnext . In addition, there are a few companies such as Visit Cornwall , Cornish Mining, Newquay Airport, Finisterre or South West Coast Path, which supported us in our project. Crowdfunding is a fantastic way to reach people. However, you really have to be behind it every day and not believe that everything will work by itself. In retrospect, it really paid off for us + we are incredibly grateful to each of our supporters and of course Startnext as a platform!

Now the most important thing – when and where can we finally buy the book? Can you get a foretaste somewhere? How much does it cost?

Katharina: Our book will be available to order on Amazon by the end of April at the latest . You can also buy the iPad version in the iTunes Store and the Kindle Fire version on Amazon. You can get a little foretaste on our website: ! From there you can go straight to Amazon or the iTunes Store. A chic organic cotton T-shirt is also available to buy! The book itself costs 21.90 euros, the digital versions are available from 9.90 euros.

Last but not least – what is your personal favorite place in Cornwall?

Katharina: I love Chapel Porth Beach near St. Agnes. Especially at sunset the place is like pure magic. But the Roseland peninsula as such and especially St. Just in Roseland with the church right on the water are beautiful. Not to mention the many delightful cafes that are practically everywhere.

That’s it, unfortunately. We wish you a lot of success with “Eat Surf Live” and are looking forward to the result of this interesting campaign. Thanks for the interview, Katharina.

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