Experiencing the Great White North: Visiting Canada from the US, Go Bookings Travels

Experiencing the Great White North: Visiting Canada from the US

Experiencing the Great White North: Visiting Canada from the US

As neighbors to the great nation of Canada, those of us living in the United States are in the perfect position for a northern road trip getaway. Pack up the car and get ready to visit America’s Hat, as Canada has so affectionately become known! Only a border crossing away, world-class cities, stunning landscapes and friendly Canadian culture awaits those visiting Canada from the US.

Having grown up near the Canadian border in Washington state, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Canada from the US on numerous occasions. And it never seems to get old! My personal favorite cities to recommend visiting are Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal for their vibrant energy and unique blend of historical and modern attractions. However, there are infinite possibilities depending on your interests from ski towns like Whistler and Banff to capital cities like Ottawa.

When visiting Canada from the US

you’ll want to make sure you have a valid passport as identification. While you may not need a full visa depending on length of stay, having the proper travel documents avoids headaches at the border crossing. I’d also suggest exchanging some USD for Canadian dollars if possible as some smaller vendors may not accept American currency. Beyond logistics, all you need is a sense of adventure to experience the best of Canada’s culture, natural spaces and, of course, poutine!

Some key tips I’ve gathered over my years visiting Canada from us residents

immerse yourself in Indigenous traditions, stop frequently for photo ops of the stunning landscapes, chat up the lovely locals about their Canadian pride and don’t be afraid to enjoy some maple syrup on, well…everything! Canada offers up something for all travelers, whether you’re road tripping through on a budget or looking to splurge at a world-class resort.

So why not look North to our friendly neighbors for your next vacation?

Visiting Canada from the US is easier than ever and guaranteed to leave you awestruck by its beauty. I know I’ll be returning again…and again! There’s just so much to uncover in this grand country and adventures still left to be had. Who’s ready to join me on a Canadian getaway?

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