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Travel To Athens Greece

Travel To Athens Greece

Welcome Today my trip is to Athens, the capital of Greece That is considered literally an open air museum.

Welcome to athens I will start my journey travel from Plaka, the oldest place in athens.

While you walk around this area, you find history between shops and restaurants.

Most of the cars have been banned in this area, but generally be careful while you walk around This small street has few restaurants,

sitting in one of them for 5 minutes,

is like relaxing for an hour.

In the 70s, the governemt banned night clubs in this area To protect the quitness in this area .

Today Plaka has restaurants museums and jewellery shops.

Most of the shops has similar products But while you walk around,

you will find shops for local artists. You will be able to buy pieces of art.

from the artist himself Personally, I found these shops more unique,

compared to the normal shops Athens at night, looks wonderful. If you happen to make it here,

you must visit the coffeeshops in plaka This man invited me to his restaurant,

I will pass by later There are a lot of options, I think i will get …

He invited me to the restaurant, and he is late ! Finally ! Too late its simply grilled Haloumi cheese, But I like it…

Syntagma square

Syntagma square lies in the centre of Athens. And from it the modern shopping streets radiates from it.

In addition to the coffee shops. Its a wonderful morning location, where tours start from it.

And opposite to the square you would be able to see the Hellenic Parliament of Greece.

ad changing the guards, is the event tourists can witness here.

It happens every hour, 24 hours a day. and the perform greetings to the ” Tomb of the Unknown Soldier”

What are they taking pictures of ??!!! i will show you.. The entrance.

I was wondering what where these Idiots doing, fine … Behind you is a more beautiful scene !!

This at the end of Plaka you can visit the Acropolis and the meaning of the word is the highest point and from this location.

you would be able to see an amazing 360 view of Athens Indeed,

a piece of art Thank you.

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