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trip to the Seychelles 12 recommendations Tips

12 recommendations for a trip to the Seychelles

Seychelles season, November to February

there is a lot of rain (we had about an hour a day around midnight – very heavy rain, and that’s it).  Very hot, and very humid.  And the weather is great.  The rain falls intermittently and does not really interfere travelling to the Seychelles.  The season without rains May-June-July – similar weather.

the southern part of the Seychelle island

the beaches are much much more beautiful and the sea is calm on the side of Anse royal.  We did not enter the sea at all on our beach at Beau vallon – the sea is stormy and rocky and with algae.

Seychelles Nightlife

We only enjoyed the casino, and one evening only at a bar in the Beau vallon area.

Power plugin

need to bring adapter, cable with 2 pins works, not at all points.

Car rental

we rented at 40 euros per day, Hyundai – better small cars, because driving on the left side, and the roads are very narrow and winding. 

You can use our link car rental-

For those who are not afraid of driving, this is definitely the best recommendation to plow the island – we have reached landmarks and beaches / lagoons / coves where it seems that a person’s foot has not trodden there.

  Travel from one end to the other on the island (north-south) – about an hour and a half.

Portable charger

it is very important not to forget, especially for those who take a lot of pictures.

Best Hotels in Seychelles island

The h resort is very luxurious, clean, special, located in the northern area close to Victoria.  In retrospect due to the sea condition we would have taken a hotel in the southern area.

The food at the hotel was reasonable minus, not a buffet but an order from the waitress (maybe it was only during the Corona period – do not know).

there are several restaurants, only one worked and only on Mondays and Fridays – need to book a place and only part of the menu is included in half board.

There no abundance and choice in food.
The hotel staff is very kind and pleasant, but slow, and they are also very confused lol, shorten take patience at dinner.

In conclusion – the hotel is excellent, the food less.

Shops and shopping

At 20:00 the shops close because of the corona, there are no malls and shopping centers.

Their city in Victoria has a market and shops (they say they are good at electrical goods).  Sunday everything is closed.

  Unfortunately we were unable to visit Victoria beyond driving on our way to the hotel.

We received warm recommendations about the Apilia Hotel and the Kempinski Hotel in the south.  At the same time, they also said that there are a lot of mosquitoes there.

In our opinion because of the Corona

– the famous and recommended coastline of Beau vallon was not so active.

restaurants on the Seychelle island

restaurants on the island Coved-19, the amazing Chabad house is located on the island these days.

There are no chairs and no mats for rent on the beaches

bring towels from the hotel / mat / bathing blanket to the beach.

In conclusion Our recommendations

12 recommendations for a trip to the Seychelles

A perfect destination for couples (in my opinion also for families), a romantic destination, a destination for nature lovers.

also easy and difficult tracks and routes, green, landscapes (and photos like a postcard), for our taste 8 days – at least.

There is no fear in the streets at all, the island is not commercialized at all, more pristine, the beaches are public so you can enter any beach you want even of the most luxurious hotels.

Its no  massages on the beaches like in Thailand.
In the food and service hotels very very expensive (for example a massage for an hour 150 $).

I recommend half board because there are no restaurants and cafes anywhere – this is not Europe.

We had a lot of fun, we felt in heaven.  Definitely a destination we will return to again.
post Scriptum. 

Must note though the pictures in reality are much more beautiful.

Here our 12 recommendations for a trip to the Seychelles


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