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15 Tips Travelling To Milan For the First Time

15 tips travelling to Milan For the first time

you must know Milan full of art, architecture, history, fashion and more and more and more I will try to convey to you in this article go travel to milan tips some of the places that I think are important to see in Milan (which are not the Duomo .. (and eat! Important to eat in Milan!)

Here your best guide 15 tips travelling to Milan

Canals – Naviglio

This is a district that is crossed by two canals that were established in the city for agricultural purposes and became the maritime trade route of Milan. Today the area is full of galleries, fashion and art boutiques, Milanese bars and restaurants.

My recommendation, get there before sunset, because the area is beautiful both day and night.

Another recommendation – sit with a glass of wine or a good cocktail and enjoy the atmosphere, in the afternoon you can u recommend a taste of “aperitif” which basically means you buy a drink and get a kind of small meal “snacks” included in the price.

Every last Sunday of every month there is a vintage market.

Two places I really like there:

Luca & Andre Restaurant 24 L’Altro Luca & Andrea – alazia Naviglio grande

Rippa di porta ticinese 43 – MAG caffee – It’s basically a daytime cafe and bar in the evening, cool designed!

Tip – if you are there you must go to the bathroom!

Corso di Porta Ticinese

travelling to Milan visit A lively and lively street full of all you can eat sushi restaurants, clothing boutiques and cool pop-up shops. For kosher observers – there is a California Bakery bakery on the street and they have a kosher certificate.

Via Gian Giacomo Mora

is highly recommended for vintage lovers! What I like about Milan is that even when you buy second hand it looks like a million dollars, the shops are arranged like a museum and you can find items like a Prada shoe for 150 euros! For the men among you For the men your sons have on the street two shops just for you.

Via Torino

A street full of shopping, brands you know like Zara, Mango, Lewis, etc. Basically the sections 1-4 you can do in one day because it is one after the other according to the location when

At the end of Via Torino is the Duomo

La Scala

travelling to Milan – the most famous opera house in the world. If you are not an opera lover like me, you must still go there for the experience! So like this – first of all find out when there is an event, if there is when you are there, in fact the theater distributes a certain amount of tickets at the last minute at floor prices, you have to arrive in the morning to register, then around five o’clock if I am not mistaken should go there again and see if you won At the entrance ticket to the opera, we paid about 12 euros. It’s true that I left after an hour, because opera is not for me, but the experience of the place is powerful.

The Castello and Symphony Park

– The Castello is an ancient fortress that can be climbed and hosts rotating exhibitions. After the fort there is a Symphony Park which is a huge park, buy a bottle of wine and some cheeses and go lie down like real Italians on the weekend.

Via Monte Napoleone – the prestigious

shopping area of ​​Milan, even if you do not need Chanel and Gucci clothes, treat yourself and enjoy the shop windows.

Brera district

the art district of Milan An area that is all art galleries, cool shops, worth walking around, there is also a handicraft market that takes place on Brera Street the main street. In the same area is also the Milan Botanical Garden in case it interests you.

In the design week that takes place in Milan every year in April the whole area is even more revived and it is filled with exhibitions that are all free, I really recommend coming to the design week.

10 Corso Como

travelling to Milan – This is basically a kind of shop and cafe and art gallery. Enter the courtyard you will not regret.

Bosco Varticale

– The “vertical forest” are actually residential buildings, living towers where the tenants grow trees in the air! You have to go to understand

Two museums I love are ARMANI SILOS and FONDAZIONE PRADA. Armani really has a clothing show and Prada has art – mostly rotating shows.

Super cool restaurant! Japanese Tapas Restaurant If at all one can say such a thing hah Shimokita, they usually have one plus one on the midweek cocktails from 6pm to 8pm.


– Hot water baths that are in an ancient building, the place is a kind of spa, you can pay extra to enter to do a massage, the entrance includes the baths and other rooms like salt room, dry wet sauna and some more rooms. If arriving in the evening the entrance also includes the aperitif.

GROOM ice cream chain,

in my opinion they have the best pistachio ice cream and in my opinion I checked most pistachio ice creams in Milan.

Pizza Piz

Even before you are seated at the table, they will put a glass with alcohol in your hand! A canine place! The place serves a total of 3 types of pizzas but deliciously tasty! And cool cool there!


for the people of the nightlife, a club that is considered one of the best in Milan, “travelling to Milan” on Thursdays there is a line of black music and on Fridays and Saturdays techno with DJs from around the world, it is recommended to arrive at 00: 30-01: 00 entrance usually 20 euros and if I am not mistaken this Thursday Includes a free drink.

Four Seasons Hotel Milano – the hotel you can only dream of.

Château Monfort – Relais & Châteaux – A very luxurious five star hotel.

Hotel Ritter – Hotel in the city center with a good breakfast and a relatively low price.

Well there are a million more things to see in Milan but let’s say you can start from that our 15 tips “travelling to Milan

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